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18 Jul #GirlCaytion

In a world where “no new friends” and “I don’t fool with females” is trending, I’m more interested in the opposite. Last year, I presented the idea to a few friends that I’d love to go on a trip to Costa Rica but instead of having a small group, I wanted to open the opportunity up to more of my friends. This idea wasn’t welcomed with open arms. They shut it down immediately! I wanted to understand and consider their feelings – after all, we took a trip to Jamaica the year prior and had a great time, but something deep down in me was committed to the idea, so I stood by my decision, and I’m happy to say that this dream came partially true this year.

We didn’t go to Costa Rica. Instead, we rented a house in Palm Springs and packed it out. A pamper weekend is what we called it – time away from life – a moment to rest and just let loose. The best part of the trip was that I didn’t know two of the women, but I was attracted to their fearless spirit. Both young ladies only knew the friend that invited them, yet they were willing to tag along for the fun.

All weekend we laughed, danced, and ate plenty of food. We even had gift bags which consisted of one of our favorite items.  Moments throughout the day, I sat back and just observed the scenery. Everyone got along, chipped in where help was needed and most importantly, no one complained. How did this happen? How did we manage to find nine women who weren’t caught up in their normal living standards, didn’t care which room they were sleeping in or if they were potentially sleeping on an air mattress? It was the best feeling in the world and I just basked in the moment.


I thought about the times that I simply agreed with what everyone else wanted to do for the sake of peace or being a team player, but I recently discovered that sometimes this could be a disservice to me and hindering my growth. What’s interesting about this situation is that I didn’t know any of the ladies when God gave me this vision; the vision was literally conceived before I knew their names – all new friends – all females. What if I agreed for the sake of making everyone happy? I would’ve missed out on the opportunity to enjoy new experiences with new people. It wouldn’t looked very cool to post pictures with my old friend with hash tags like #mydayones #nonewfriends #samefriendsdifferentday #circlesosmallyoucan’tfit – you get the point, but I don’t care about any of that.

Consider doing something different. Many are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone because comfort is easy. Comfort is familiar. Comfort is convenient. I encourage you to get uncomfortable. Meet new people. Whenever you’re attending a friend’s event, talk to people that you don’t know, compliment a girl on her attire. Show some love! The truth is there’s only so much the people in your inner circle will and can do for you and vice versa. God didn’t create us with limitation in mind, so why do we continue to limit ourselves? I’m not saying be friends with everyone and do everything that’s presented to you. I’ve learned that not everyone is meant to be your friend, and I’m not supposed to be at every party. What I’m saying is be open to new experiences and new people. You never know whom God has assigned to bless you, so don’t limit the ways He can bless you.

My life wouldn’t be what it is if I only had friends from high school. Imagine going to college like #nonewfriends. Imagine moving to a new state like #Idontfoolwithfemales. Forgive the female who talked about you when you were in the 6th grade. Forgive the girl who bumped into you in the hallway in high school. Forgive the girl who stopped talking to you because you got into it with her best friend. Forgive them because it’s hindering your growth. Forgive them because chances are they’ve forgiven you, too.

Check out some of our hightlights below. Taking a girls trip? I want to hear about it. Leave your comments below. 

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