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19 Aug No Regrets

Have you ever felt like there was some unforgiveness living inside of you, but you didn’t know exactly put your finger on it? Earlier this week, I messaged my accountability partners and told them my struggle. Like the good sisters they are, they advised me to go deeper and to think about areas that I’ve overlooked overtime. The day prior, I had a dream and in this dream I saw old acquaintances. I’m not proud of the way I responded to them in my dream, so I woke up convicted. You know it’s real when your dreams convict you, so I prayed about anger, thinking, I must still be mad and don’t know. Lol – this is possible. I was right to pray, but I was praying in the wrong area.

One Sunday, my pastor preached on “curing regret”. Almost immediately, I felt convicted. I knew the message was for me. I’ve replayed several situations in my head thinking, if I had just left then or only if I would’ve known then…I would’ve… Here I am trying to rewrite history in my head, and all it’s doing is hindering me from seeing the ministry that was birth out of it all. All of the pain had a purpose, all of the mess had a message, all of the lies held some truth. It may have left a scar, but every scar is a reminder of God’s victory. What was meant to break me actually made me better.

Regret – to feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.)

                                                                          Are you living with regret?

 How is that working for you? Have you tried not looking at the pain and looking at the lesson that you learned from that, and I don’t mean the lesson that involves insulting someone else. I’m referring the lesson that changed you – the lesson that told you that I’m never doing this again – the lesson that revealed your wrongdoing in the situation – the lesson that resulted in you forgiving yourself. Let’s discuss how relationship didn’t go as planned. You did all you could do to make him see that you are the one, and he still cheated. You found out and stayed because you’re a #RideorDie and were inspired by Beyonce’s “Ring the Alarm”. No one was going to take what you worked so hard to build. Maybe you decide to leave and say I’m never dating a guy that _________ again. You put all guys that let’s say share the same career as the one who broke your heart and you disqualify them for something they didn’t do. What if I told you it doesn’t matter what career he has, or what car he drives, or how he dresses that our plans mean nothing if they are not within God’s will and if they’re not His will , then they’re just creative ideas.

Don’t regret the relationship – and don’t hold on to the pain. What was meant to destroy you can be a stepping stool to get you to the next level. Take what you can from the situation – not just in relationships but from everything. It was all meant to stretch you, to develop you, to enrich you for your future. If we live our life in regret, we waste our time, we block blessings, and we miss the message.

What are you missing?

| Prayer |

Father, thank You for every lesson and for every no. At times, I’ve tried to plan my life and make things go my way, but knowing what I know now, it was best that things didn’t work out my way. Your plans are higher than my plans and Your ways are  higher than my ways. Today I choose to align myself with your will for Your glory. Father give me a discerning heart and the wisdom and courage needed to run the race ahead.

In Jesus Name, Amen. 


  • Shaquita
    Posted at 14:12h, 20 August Reply

    Thank you for your insights! I really needed your honest truth!! Looking forward to more from you!

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