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Why Am I Here?

I woke up this morning feeling excited. I knew that was about to embark on a amazing journey that would stretch me, and I was ready to receive. I was going to Megafest. I should've known this trip wouldn't be perfect when I ordered and...

Cry-baby: Seeking emotional stability

I was known as the crybaby of the family so much so that it earned me the nickname "cry-baby," and I hated it.   My feelings were hurt, but I never learned how to effectively communicate that, so I resorted to yelling or using my...

Your enemies are not my enemies

I was very fortunate to host 30 women for my birthday dinner last year. It was by far one of the best birthdays of my life. Somehow, I managed to get attorneys, teachers, nurses, managers, and accountants all in the same room on a Thursday...

Timing and Position

It's that time of year again when your timelines are filled with engagements and new relationships. If you're single and have been for a long time, you might be thinking, "Where is my Boaz?" God has given me so many desires, but the desire to...

Tell Your Story

We've been told to keep quiet, to say that it never happened. What happens in this house stays in this house. We're ambassadors of the kingdom, disciples - sent to share the good news yet we relate to one another through personal experience. What happens...

Not my will. . . but Your will God

After working at the top talent agency for nearly five years, I clocked out for the last time two weeks ago. Many were shocked to see me leave and some simply thought it was well overdue. After all, anything longer than two years at an agency is considered too long, unless you're actually trying to be an agent. Many people inquired about my next step, "Where are you going?" I wanted to tell them. In fact, I almost slipped up a few times. I could've answered the question several different ways but out of respect, I landed at, "I'm going to take a break and see where things go from here."

It's common knowledge that working for a competitor in the entertainment industry isn't accepted; it's nearly frowned upon, so I decided to keep the details of my departure a secret. I continued to work overtime and performed my duties and responsibilities as I would on any regular day because I wanted to leave on good terms.

The truth is I was on the verge of quitting my job without having another job lined up. I figured, I'll drive for uber, work when I want to work, and focus on developing my blog. Although the focus will continue to be on developing my blog, driving for uber is no longer apart of my master plan. But this is where I'll begin to tell you how GREAT God is. I wasn't even looking for a job. In fact, I stopped interviewing. I had a plan and was determined to stick to it. I stopped submitting resumes and paid little to no attention to job alerts.

One day, I was minding my own business just checking my emails, and I noticed an email from my LinkedIn account. It was a generic email that gives you an update on your account, but I noticed I had two unread messages. I logged into my account thinking it was just spam, but little did I know there was a goldmine waiting for me to read it. One, in fact, was spam, but the other was from the HR director of the company I recently joined. I looked at the message date and noticed it was sent a month ago - September 27th to be exact. Dang. I thought to myself.  I just knew the job was filled, but I responded anyway. I responded with doubt. I expected the worse.

To my surprise, they were still interviewing for the position, and the HR director wanted to speak with me right away. After a brief phone conversation, we set up an interview for the following day. What's even better is the office is located two blocks away from my yoga studio, so I was able to go to the interview immediately following my workout class and was still on-time for work.

But this interview was different. I was interested and after being let down a few times, interested was a very uncomfortable position to be in. I didn't want to get my hopes up, and I certainly didn't want to be interested. I didn't want to be attached to the position and then suddenly have it ripped away from me.  I felt conflicted. I was actually interested in the position and confident that I could perform all the duties and responsibilities required, but there was always a "what if."

A few days went by, and they offered me the position. Really?? What just happened?  I was thinking a million things a minute.  Is this real? Am I really leaving?  I was in shock! But there was one thing that I was certain of - this had God's fingerprints all over it. He made a way. This was not my plan yet it was His plan. I went back to the scripture, "Many are the plans of a person's heart, but it is The Lord's purpose that will prevail (Proverbs 19:21)."

What are your plans? Have you confirmed your visions with God? Oftentimes we get frustrated with God - things aren't happening as quickly as we'd like them to happen, so we make plans and wrap them in a spiritual bow and call them God's plan. The thing is God's knows the plans that he has for you (Jeremiah 29:11) so when you can't recognize that your plans do not align with God's plans, God will take the wheel and show you His glory.  The plans that God has for you are greater than the plans that you have for yourself. Wouldn't you rather have greater?

I Know Whose I Am

A few weeks ago, I had a not so pleasant conversation with my brother. I should've recognized it as an attack from the enemy immediately - my brother only calls me or contacts me when he wants to argue - silly me. I called. Before I...

Friend or Foe: Couch Tour pt2

What is your definition of a friend: Couch tour pt. 2 What am I supposed to learn from this? Someone once asked me, “What is your definition of a friend?” When I responded, I didn’t put too much thought into it; I said the first thing...

I Want to be a Wife

How being celibate was mistaken for being Gay. I recall one day having a conversation with my niece, and she asked me if I were gay. She overheard an argument my sister and I were having and in the midst of that conversation, my sister inquired...