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29 Aug Somewhere in the World, My Husband is Praying For Me

I thought I’d be married by now. If you asked me five years ago, I would’ve told you I’d be married by 27 years old with at least one child. Has anyone ever told you, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”? Well God surely laughed at me.

Two of my closest sorority sisters and I planned our lives. What else were we supposed to do on taco night? Like most women, we longed for a fairytale wedding and our depiction of a dream family. We were all very popular in college; we served in several capacities in our sorority and in other organizations on campus, and we could stroll for the GAWDS! We were rarely seen without one another, almost inseparable, which is why people started to affectionately refer to us as the Trio.

The great thing is that by the time I was twenty-seven, I knew I wasn’t ready for marriage or children. I was shouting and thanking God that I wasn’t in control. I spent my 27th birthday in Jamaica with friends while the Trio made plans to purchase property, enroll in a post graduate programs and to settle into our careers. We still have plans big plans, which include raising our children together as well as retiring together. We jokingly talk about how we’ll purchase houses on the same street and get on each other’s nerves in our old age. However, we stopped looking for our husbands and planning our weddings.

I realized that unlike most women, men don’t plan their wedding. I guess I can scrap the winter wonderland wedding idea. Through a small group at my church, God introduced me to other women who were vowing to give up sex and choosing to lead a life of celibacy. I was finally able to connect with other women whom shared similar interest – seeking a deeper relationship with God and waiting for His appointment. These women were unlike my regular group of friends; they were going to hold me accountable for my commitments and vows to God. I knew then that this time would be different from the others. Yea, I’ve tried this celibacy thing before. However, this experience wouldn’t just be waiting until I found a boyfriend; it would be a battle against the spirit of lust, one that would ultimately lead to an intimate night with my husband. So I put on the whole armor of God, equipping myself with the shield of faith and weapons of truth and righteousness, all needed in order to win this battle.

One evening, a group of sisters in Christ and I sat at my kitchen table and talked about our commitments. We talked about our lonely nights, our desires to have a husband and children, right now; we even touched on spiritual husbands – I’m still doing research on this. After sharing our stories, we began to pray for our husbands. My spirit began to turn as I touched and agreed with the sisters standing next to me. I felt a shift in the environment, so I knew there would be a supernatural release in our lives. The most powerful thing about this moment is the sincerity that came along with our prayers. I thought to myself, somewhere in the world my husband is praying for me, too. I imagine as I pray for my husband to have a good heart, to be kind, gentle and emotionally stable that he’s praying that I’m slow to anger and quick to forgive; that I’m patient and understanding; that I’m caring and generous; that I’m nurturing and connected spiritually. I pray that my husband has a deep relationship with God – that he put’s God before everything. I pray that we are equally yoked and share similar interests. I’m sure my husband has prayed that I’m his best friend before I’m his wife – that I desire to be a good mother to our biological and adopted children. I know that he prays for me because I see the work that God is doing in and through me. Because I’m aligned with God and His purpose for my life, I realize that my life is not my own so with every change, with every adjustment, with every decrease, and every increase, I know that God is preparing me for a bigger challenge – setting me up for a greater reward.

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Thank you for providing provisions for my life. I know that you are still working on me and when it’s time, you will show me the husband that you have already intentionally selected just for me. God I trust in You and I vow to wait for your timing. I pray that you give me patience and resilience that I may diligently seek you when there is temptation to have temporary satisfaction. God I know that You have already provided a way of escape so I bind any spiritual hosts hiding in the heavenly places. I rid myself of anything that is not of You. I commit my ways to You. I surrender and abort all plans that I’ve made without first seeking Your counsel – they are invalid. I know that anything from You will be blessed by You so Father bless me with Your thoughts, speak to me and guide me towards the destiny that You desire for me.  Guide me and make my paths straight that I may be able to find my way even in the darkness. Prepare me for the trials that lie ahead that I may have the strength to overcome any obstacle that might lead me away from Your promises. In Jesus name. Amen.

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    so beautiful la la and timely <3

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    Great read!

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