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09 Dec Tell Your Story

We’ve been told to keep quiet, to say that it never happened. What happens in this house stays in this house. We’re ambassadors of the kingdom, disciples – sent to share the good news yet we relate to one another through personal experience. What happens when you meet that person who trusted in God, but now they’ve given up; they’ve stopped believing. What good news will you share? Who will they identify with because Jesus seems far off and praying isn’t even an option?  This is a make it or break it moment, so how are you going to help this person? You’ll help them by being vulnerable, by being transparent, and by sharing your trials and triumphs. Let them know they are not alone. They can identify with you because you look like them, but all along God is operating through you, giving you the words to say, giving you the strength to withstand, and assuring you that you can do it, so He still get’s the glory. You can be an ambassador for God’s Kingdom by simply allowing  Him to use you. Be that vessel that is needed in order to free someone else and lead them back to the kingdom.

It’s time to unlearn the ways of the world and to learn the ways of our Jesus Christ. Jesus said that He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). He’s already overcome this world, so use Him.

Be quick to listen and slow to offer advice.

  • Every time someone tells you what they have or are currently experiencing, use it as an opportunity to learn, be supportive, and encourage he or she to keep pressing forward. Use this as an opportunity to learn about the person. Most times people just want to know, “Did you hear what I said?”


  • Sometimes not having the answer is having the answer. Sometimes God leaves us speechless so the person can use and depend on Him and not on man. When you have nothing to say, stay right there!Stop trying to make people do what you will do.


  • Sharing your story doesn’t mean, do what I did or do what I will do. It means this too shall pass. You are not alone. You can do it. I’m here to support you. I got your back!


God we thank you for sending Jesus that we may have an example of how to live life. We are reminded everyday that when things get to hard, when things seem overwhelming, give it to You. We cannot do it on our own, so we release our plans, we release our ideas, and we submit to Your will. Give us the strength we need to withstand the tests. Give us a bold voice that will be like a domino effect in others lives. As we continue to be ambassadors of Your kingdom, we are bringing others to your Kingdom. I come against any fear or shame that may keep us from sharing our lives with others, and I speak confidence over our lives. I speak fearlessness over our lives. I speak power over our lives.  For our lives are not our own; we belong to you, so we commit ourselves to you. We commit our ways to you. We commit our thoughts to you. May no one interfere with the plans that you have made for our lives. Silence every naysayer. Void every house rule that we learned as children. Cancel every plan that the enemy has to sabotage Your plan for our lives. May our purpose continue to be our priority. In Jesus name. Amen.

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