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28 Dec Timing and Position

It’s that time of year again when your timelines are filled with engagements and new relationships. If you’re single and have been for a long time, you might be thinking, “Where is my Boaz?” God has given me so many desires, but the desire to be a wife has been one desire that has been more prevalent in the recent months. I’ve been single for nearly six (6) years and more people have asked me when I’m going to have children than do I desire to be married, “Girl, you better go ahead and have some kids; you’re getting older.” I’ve even heard, “I’m glad I had my children young; now I can live.”  This is usually followed up with a series of stats on how women’s egg count decreases around the age of 32/33.  Still, my heart rested on I want to be a wife, first. God will take care of the rest. 
Earlier this year, I felt like it’s was my time.  I felt very strongly The Lord is going to show me my husband.  I didn’t talk about it much, but I had an “inner knowing” that my time was near. How much time does “near” actually equate to? Does anyone have a calculator?  Then, through prophecy, God confirmed these revelations. My excitement grew yet, I still focused on personal and spiritual growth. In fact, I did little to nothing to position myself to be seen; I stuck to my routine.  What was I doing?  I thought to myself, “Am I sabotaging God’s plan?”


Don’t confuse God’s time with your time. 

Near – we oftentimes think that near is within 30 days or within the year. Yet we don’t understand that near is still our unknown and God’s known. It is still His timing and not our timing. We begin to do things to manipulate God’s plan and then call it God plan. Then, when things don’t happen according to what we misinterpreted, we begin to lose faith and stop believing.  We forget the things we knew when God first revealed His Plans to us. Will you still believe if you get it wrong or will you discount all that He’s done?
Position – Many might say I was hiding, but if you change your angle and look at the situation from a different perspective, you will see that I was keeping my focus on God. Matthew 6:33 says  “Seek ye first the Kingdom” – My faith is in the kingdom. My belief is in the promise.  Another person might say, “Faith without works is dead.” Another great perspective and again I would direct you to discernment – your inner knowing. God, could you please point me to the exact spot that You would like for me to stand in order to have an encounter with my future husband? 
Work – Get out more. What exactly does get out more mean?  It means stop sitting in the house thinking God is going to send your future Husband to knock on your door (But this actually happened to someone I know lol). Volunteer more, attend charity events, plan game nights, and have your friends invite their friends. Use discernment. You cannot get through this process without discernment. Every good man you meet is not meant to be your husband.  Another thing, be careful with sharing – what works for you might not work for someone else, so some people, even your closest friends, might not be as receptive to your ideas. Let God lead you.    
 I pray for every woman who is waiting on You to bring her King. May they have the strength to wait on you. May they not grow impatient. Give them the strength to endure this season and every season ahead that their endurance may have its perfect result, that they may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing (James 1:4). I rebuke the spirit of comparison. God, we often times fall victim to comparing ourselves to others and what we see, but you have intentionally set us apart. May we grow closer to You and begin to identify with the intention that You have set for our life. May Your kingdom come; May Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10). Amen.
  • Tiana Johnson
    Posted at 15:02h, 01 January Reply

    Beautiful message sis!

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