Why Am I Here? - Lala Nicole
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29 Jun Why Am I Here?

I woke up this morning feeling excited. I knew that was about to embark on a amazing journey that would stretch me, and I was ready to receive. I was going to Megafest. I should’ve known this trip wouldn’t be perfect when I ordered and canceled two Uber’s before finally getting a driver who actually wanted drive and not just to collect a cancellation fee. 

Upon arriving to Dallas, I spent a little time in the airport, waiting for my best friend to arrive; her flight landed an hour later. While sitting near baggage claim, waiting for her luggage, a woman walked up to her and began to prophesy. I thought, God, You’re here.  It felt right. If didn’t feel forced. It felt like a welcome and introduction to the wonders that God would reveal throughout our stay. It was confirmation that we were in the right place at the right time and if we continue to approach this trip with an open heart and an open mind, God would reveal more. 

As the first night was coming to an end, I began to feel a little anxious. To be honest, I was a little bothered by something and it was beginning to interfere with my joy. It was begging to interfere with my peace. It was a distraction from the plan to receive. While I’m that moment, I felt disrespected by someone’s actions, but I couldn’t muster the courage to address the situation in that moment. Instead, I decided to return to my initial focus and began to bind that spirit. In fact, I continued to read my book, I am number 8 by John Gray because my plan was to complete the book by the end of the night, and this small offense was infringing upon my plans. I needed to find my way back, so I kept reading. My anxiety began to wither and my focus soon returned. I was beginning to feel at peace. Whatever the distraction is, it can wait. Not right now, I thought. I’m on a mission, and I refuse to be taken off the course. 

Sometimes when we’re in the middle of God’s work, the devil will throw in something to distract you, to offend you and if you’re not careful, you will fall into the trap. If God’s word wasn’t near, present in my heart, physically present in the form of a book, I may have fallen victim, but I had to consider my original intention for registering for this conference, for taking the unwanted days off of work, for paying the extra money for preferred seats, for selecting a hotel was was less than a mile from the venue. I needed to return to my purpose, and it wasn’t to entertain the devil. It was to receive knowledge and wisdom from a series of sermons and seminars that would prepare me for what lies ahead.

Why did I come here? Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” If you forget the intention of your presence in the moment when you feel wronged, offended, or disrespected, then the goals, the intention, the aspiration that you had for that moment could be lost. Remind yourself why you came. Bind, rebuke and forgive if needed, and return to your original intention. 

Day 1 of Megafest is complete:)

  • Shaquita Nicole Rose
    Posted at 15:17h, 29 June Reply

    Awesome!!!! Right on time as usual!

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